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Understanding railroad worker injuries in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

In the industrious state of New Jersey, railroad workers play a pivotal role in maintaining the backbone of trade and transportation. The work of a railroad worker is strenuous and inherently dangerous. These men and women are exposed to hazardous conditions that can lead to severe, and at times life-threatening, injuries.

Understanding these risks can provide valuable insights into the safety measures that are necessary for preventing accidents and injuries.

Exposure to harmful substances

A significant risk that railroad workers face is exposure to harmful substances. Diesel exhaust, asbestos and various chemical solvents used in the industry can cause respiratory illnesses, skin conditions and even cancer over time. Regular exposure without adequate protection can lead to chronic and severe health problems.

Accidents due to equipment failure

Faulty equipment or machinery failure is another leading cause of injuries among railroad workers. Workers can suffer from fractures, crush injuries or lacerations if the equipment they are using malfunctions or is not maintained properly.

Falls and trips

Given the nature of their work environment, railroad workers often operate on uneven surfaces or in high places. They face a constant risk of falls, trips and slips. Such accidents can result in sprains, broken bones, head injuries and even paralysis.

Hearing loss

Constant exposure to high levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss among railroad workers. Trains, machinery and equipment generate intense noise levels that can gradually damage hearing if workers do not use proper protective gear.

The risks and hazards that railroad workers in New Jersey face are significant and varied. It is important for these workers to follow safety protocols and for employers to enforce adequate protective measures. By understanding the dangers and taking preventive steps, railroad workers can help to reduce the incidence of injuries in this vital industry.