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How Do I Obtain Workers’ Compensation?

If injured on the job in New Jersey, you can file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefit payments. But many employers discourage the filing of workers’ compensation claims. However, you have a right to claim benefits. Especially since you have been indirectly paying for the workers’ compensation insurance premiums through lower compensation from your employer.

At the workers’ compensation and personal injury law offices of Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A., in Jersey City, we help workers from many industries obtain workers’ compensation benefit payments when injured on the job or if they become sick due to the work environment. Since 1972, our lawyers have helped thousands of workers claim their rightful benefits. And if your initial claim is denied, we can help you pursue an appeal.

So Many Industries, So Many Injuries

Every case and every workplace accident is different. But there are numerous industries and types of workers’ compensation cases we commonly see, including:

As experienced litigators, our lawyers have the skills to help you win your case. Because you may have many questions related to workers’ compensation, we will provide the answers. A job-related injury can put you out of work for a long time. You shouldn’t have to worry about money while recovering from your injuries. We can help.

A Skilled Law Firm For Workers’ Compensation Matters

If you have been injured in a job site accident in New Jersey, or become ill because of a workplace environment, contact our workers’ compensation attorneys today. We will discuss your work injury claim, answer your questions and explain your options. In many such claims, additional third parties may be responsible for your injuries, and held for compensation. Send us an email or call us now at 201-653-0405. Se habla español.