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When A Childbirth Injury Brings Uncertainty, Our Law Firm Can Help

Childbirth can be a painful, yet memorable experience for you and your family. A new experience and a growing family are often the results. But, sometimes, unexpected developments occur in the delivery room, leading to childbirth injuries either to the infant or the mother. Such complications can result in a child with a permanent disability, pain and discomfort, and questions as to why an injury happened.

If you are seeking answers and legal advice pertaining to childbirth injuries, you have an ally in us. We are Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A., in Jersey City, New Jersey, an experienced medical malpractice law firm. We are understanding of your situation and the pain that it caused. But we also are aggressive in seeking answers.

Childbirth Injuries Can Happen To Infant, Mother

Risks exist during childbirth and may lead to injuries. But some of these injuries may have been preventable. The negligence of physicians, nurses and other health care professionals may have contributed to those injuries, which may include:

  • Brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation to the infant. This can happen when the umbilical cord wraps around the child’s neck. The resulting injuries may lead to chronic seizures, impaired vision and cerebral palsy
  • Broken bones such as fractures to the skull, legs and collar bone, sometimes caused if the delivering physician roughly pulls out the baby
  • Nerve damage to the infant, and the child may not be able to move his or her arms
  • Vaginal tears and a ruptured uterus to the mother

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