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Effectively Fighting For Injured Railroad Workers

At Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A., railroad workers have a legal ally who understands New Jersey’s Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) laws and the best methods for pursuing a claim on behalf of injured workers.

We Help Injured Railroad Workers Attain FELA Benefits

FELA provides benefits to railroad workers who are injured on the job due to the negligence of their employers and fellow employees. Unlike workers’ compensation benefits, an injured railroad worker must establish fault or otherwise prove negligence on the part of his or her employer in order to receive compensation.

As attorneys who have handled numerous types of workers’ comp and FELA claims, we know the tactics of the opposition. In many cases, employers will try to establish comparative negligence. By placing fault on the employee, an employer hopes to diminish the amount being awarded.

Whether you are an employee of the Southern Pacific or Erie Railroad, a conductor or train engineer working on PATH trains, or the employee of any other rail line overseen by the federal government, you are likely eligible to pursue FELA benefits after suffering an injury.

Understanding Your FELA Benefits

For injured railroad workers, FELA can offer peace of mind as they recover after being involved in a railroad-related accident. An award can provide for past and future medical expenses, lost wages and damages pertaining to pain and suffering and mental anguish. In severe cases resulting in the death of a railroad employee, the victim’s family may be entitled to benefits to compensate for the death of its loved one.

If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job as a railroad employee, it’s important to secure counsel from our experienced team of attorneys to ensure you and your family receive the benefits you are entitled to.

We will help you file an injury report with your employer, attempt to reach a settlement, and if an agreement cannot be reached, will prepare your case and aggressively fight to see that you and your family receive what you are owed.

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