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Statistics on work-related injuries involving flight attendants

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

Whether you recently started working as a flight attendant or have many years of experience, it is crucial to focus on your safety while performing your job duties. Working in this field comes with a number of risks, and many flight attendants find themselves seriously hurt due to job-related mishaps on an annual basis. These injuries can cause a wide range of problems, including physical, emotional and financial challenges.

In fact, data shows how prevalent work-related injuries are among flight attendants, which highlights the importance of remaining vigilant while on the job.

Data on flight attendant injuries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that over the course of 2019, they recorded 4,980 cases of flight attendants missing work due to job-related injuries and illnesses. In fact, 517 out of every 10,000 full-time flight attendants sustained a job-related injury or illness resulting in time off of work in 2019, significantly higher than all workers in the private sector (86.9 for every 10,000 workers).

Workplace risks flight attendants face

While working as a flight attendant, you need to watch out for various hazards. Overexertion, incidents involving transportation and coming into contact with equipment or objects account for many flight attendant injuries. In addition, you could suffer an injury due to falling down, becoming exposed to a dangerous substance or as a result of violence (such as an unruly passenger who assaults you).

If you suffer an injury while working as a flight attendant, you need to pay close attention to the recovery process and go over the details of the incident carefully.