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Study shows prevalence of speeding, texting among teen drivers

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A new study involving the driving habits of teenagers is shedding light on the dangerous driving behaviors many young motorists engage in. The study highlights some of the most problematic behaviors teenagers across New Jersey and the nation are engaging in and provides insight into just how often these risky behaviors occur.

Per U.S. News and World Reports, today’s teenagers are taking many unnecessary risks behind the wheel, and some of the most dangerous driving behaviors seen among this age group include speeding, talking on a handheld cellphone or both.

How often teen drivers speed

The study reviewed the driving habits of 165 teenagers who had their licenses for about eight months and were an average of 17 years of age. Study results showed that teenagers speed to get to their destinations about 40% of the time. There was no clear difference in terms of male teens and their propensity to speed while driving and female teens and their propensity to do the same.

How often teen drivers use cellphones

As far as teen motorists and handheld cellphone use, study results showed that teen motorists hold cellphones in their hands about 30% of the time they are behind the wheel. Also concerning is the fact that, about 5% of the time, teen drivers are speeding and using handheld cellphones at the same time.

While speeding and using cellphones were among the most common dangerous driving behaviors seen among motorists in this age group, the study also shined a light on other risky behind-the-wheel behaviors. For example, study results showed that rapid braking and rapid acceleration were common among teen drivers and especially male teen drivers.