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How do frontal lobe injuries impact people?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Uncategorized |

In car crashes, injuries to the frontal lobe make up a vast majority of the head injuries victims suffer from. They often occur in rear-end or head-on crashes.

Exactly how do the impacts of frontal lobe injuries manifest? Do they differ in any notable way from other types of head injury?

What does the frontal lobe do?

Medline Plus discusses the impact of frontal lobe injuries on brain injury victims. The frontal lobe holds responsibility for many functions of the brain, including but not limited to short-term memory storage, impulse control and emotional regulation.

Changes in personality

Impacts on emotional regulation and impulse control often rank among the top things that the loved ones of victims mention, due to how it affects the people around a victim so strongly. In essence, due to the impact of these two functions, victims of frontal lobe injuries often become more aggressive. They often lash out at loved ones and may say or do things they normally wouldn’t, potentially permanently damaging their relationships with others.

Short-term memory loss

Short-term memory issues often create a major problem in the victim’s life, too, as they could find it harder to function due to this. Many brain injury survivors have to alter their way of tackling daily life in order to accommodate the dysfunction of their memory, which is a difficult change for many to swallow.

Of course, all areas of the brain impact parts of the mind, body and emotions in different ways. Any severe brain trauma should get addressed by a medical professional as soon as possible in order to diminish the possibility of worsening the trauma already present.