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Can you receive workers’ compensation for workplace violence?

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The common perception of workers’ compensation is that it covers sudden accidental injuries as well as stress-based injuries that build up over time. In some cases, you can also receive compensation for the criminal acts of others.

Workers’ compensation is the result of a company’s obligation to maintain a safe workplace. Therefore, you might seek financial support when a company employee causes harm to you in a workplace violence incident.

What is workplace violence?

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development explains that workplace violence can include harassment, intimidation or disruptive behavior in addition to physical violence. The state considers such acts to be instances of workplace violence even if the person at fault has no connection to the company or any of its employees.

Can you receive compensation for workplace violence?

Your workers’ compensation benefits cover damages for which the company is responsible, including those caused by your supervisors and coworkers. You can seek compensation for workplace violence at the hands of your colleagues, provided you have sufficient evidence to prove the cause of your injuries. Damage rendered by someone unaffiliated with the company might be outside the scope of your workers’ compensation policy, however, and may require different legal action.

Workplace violence is a sensitive issue that likely has its own resolution procedures within your company. In regard to workers’ compensation, however, be aware that you can pursue and claim the reimbursement you deserve as long as you have the support you need to prove your case.