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How can you work out following burn injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Uncategorized |

If you suffer burn injuries following a car accident, you may worry about what your life will look like. It may become difficult to perform daily tasks without pain. According to Beyond Burns, you may still be able to work out.

All movement and exercise require guidance from a physical therapist.

Early stages following the burn

Immediately following the injury, most patients have a therapist to guide them through their movements. If you struggle with daily tasks, you may not have the capacity for workouts you did before the injury. You need to focus on activities that allow you to function, such as feeding yourself, dressing and washing.

Working out does cause pain during the healing stage. You may need to use pain medication while stretching to ensure that you do not lose the ability to stretch or move. If you have skin grafts or other operations, you cannot move or stretch until the doctor clears you.

Healing stages after healing

Once your burn heals, you need to continue exercising to prevent the scar tissue from becoming too tight. Scars become tight and difficult to stretch for about 12 to 18 months during the healing process. Listen to your physical therapist when it comes to stretching exercises.

Before you begin your stretching exercises, moisturize your skin. When you have dry skin, it may crack or tear during exercise. Additionally, it may increase the discomfort you feel during the process. Since burn scars may not sweat, you need to keep yourself cool through other means. Maintain a cool room, drink plenty of water, and wear close-fitting, layered clothing.

The stretches you can perform depend on the severity of your burns and the location of the injuries.