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A look at financial abuse in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Firm News |

If you live in a nursing home, or one of your family members is currently staying in one of these facilities, you need to understand the different ways in which nursing home abuse occurs. Aside from physical abuse, emotional mistreatment and sexual assault, there are other ways in which elderly nursing home residents become victims of financial abuse. For example, some experience financial exploitation.

Financial abuse can have a devastating impact on a nursing home resident’s life. Aside from losing significant assets and resources, some people also struggle with depression, anxiety or anger as a result of abuse they endured in a nursing home.

Reviewing examples of financial abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse outlines various examples of financial abuse in nursing homes. In fact, financial exploitation is becoming is growing faster than any other type of elder abuse and many victims do not report financial abuse that they endure. Sometimes, a nursing home employee steals one’s personal information and uses it unlawfully, or they coerce a victim into signing documents they do not understand. Some victims have valuable items stolen from their purse or room, while others feel pressured or even threatened.

Preventing financial abuse in a nursing home

There are a number of strategies to prevent financial abuse. Make sure you safeguard personal data such as financial account numbers, thoroughly shred sensitive documents you no longer need and do not sign anything you do not understand. Some people turn to a loved one or trusted individual to help with their finances.

Make sure you investigate any suspected financial wrongdoing and report financial abuse right away.