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How can I stay safe when riding the bus?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Firm News |

Having access to public transportation can be a real live saver if you do not own your own vehicle or you need to travel within a bust city. While riding the bus is generally a safe mode of transportation, there are some potential hazards that could lead to a serious injury.

Some common injuries include falls, bumps, bruises and crushing injuries.

Outside the bus safety

According to the New Jersey Transit, you should be extra careful when waiting for, getting on and getting off the bus. Always stand at the designated bust stop away from the curb as you wait. When the bus pulls up, stay behind the line until it comes to a complete stop.

Never walk in the area between the bus and curb. After leaving the bus, go to the sidewalk and walk there. Also, never walk in front of the bus at any time because it is a blind spot where the driver cannot see.

When boarding and exiting the bus, keep children close to you. Help them navigate the steps. Everyone should hold the handrails when getting on or off the bus.

Inside the bus safety

Once you board the bus, make sure you never lean against closed doors. Keep your distance from them until the bus stops and they fully open. Never put anything or any part of your body out of the bus window.

You should remain in your seat until the bus comes to a full stop. Avoid talking to or distracting the bus driver when the bus is moving, and keep the aisle clear of anything, including legs.