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Having a loved one at risk for nursing home abuse

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2020 | Firm News |

New Jersey residents like you trust nursing homes to take care of your loved ones. After all, this is their job. But what happens if a nursing home does not care for your loved one? What if instead, they are responsible for harming them?

Today we will look into nursing home abuse and neglect. In specific, we will see if certain people are more at risk than others for abuse.

Employees who are more likely to abuse

Some nursing home employees have a higher likelihood of abusing residents than others. Many factors contribute to this risk. For example, people who came from an environment of abuse may perpetuate that abuse. People who do not have good coping mechanisms may struggle with job-related stress. This can lead to them lashing out at residents. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell who among the staff may act in this way.

Residents who are more likely to become victims

Likewise, some residents may have a higher likelihood of becoming victims. People at risk include victims with memory problems like dementia. Residents with disorders that cause them to act out are also often targeted. Abusers will go for residents that will not make reports. If they do make reports, staff may have trouble believing them. This is due to memory issues or other health problems.

Nursing home abuse is an enormous breach of trust. Not only is your loved one victimized by the abuser, but so are their family and friends. It is a serious issue that you should bring attention to right away. If you have suspicions that your loved one is facing abuse, what should you do? You may want to consider contacting the proper authorities to start an investigation.