Pharmaceutical Errors Attorneys

When you seek treatment for an ailment or injury, you place your trust in the hands of medical professionals who are supposed to be looking out for your best interests. While most doctors, nurses, pharmacists and others who provide for your treatment are well-trained and take care to preserve your well-being, there are numerous instances where willful neglect, carelessness, inaction or incompetence results in severe illness and injury that can jeopardize a patient's health and safety.

New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyers Fighting On Behalf Of Individuals And Families

At Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A., we have been helping clients and their families pursue justice after suffering injuries and illnesses due to medical malpractice. While many people immediately think of surgical errors or nursing home abuse, there are also numerous instances where pharmaceutical errors can result in serious harm to patients.

While all cases are unique and require careful evaluation by our team of attorneys, some of the most common incidents of prescription or pharmaceutical error include:

  • Pharmacist error: A few common types of pharmacist errors include, filling prescriptions incorrectly, not checking for contaminated medications, mislabeling medications, improperly mixing medications or failure to properly disclose the risks of taking medications.
  • Error on the part of the doctor: In some cases, doctors may fail to address potential side effects of a drug when writing a prescription. Furthermore, doctors may prescribe a drug that when combined with another type of medication can result in negative effects.

Failure To Act Only Places Others At Risk

While prescription errors and pharmacy mistakes are not overly common, they can still happen and warrant swift and decisive action. If you or a loved one has suffered illness, injury or negative side effects associated with improper care on the part of a pharmacist or doctor, contact us at Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A., to discuss your case.

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