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Speed contributes to over a quarter of New Jersey road deaths

On Behalf of | May 21, 2024 | Firm News |

Speeding remains a leading cause of road accidents and fatalities in New Jersey. More than a quarter of road deaths in the state result from drivers going too fast.

These accidents bring severe consequences, affecting families and communities deeply.

Reducing reaction time

Speeding reduces a driver’s reaction time. When a vehicle travels at a high speed, the driver has less time to respond to sudden changes, such as a pedestrian crossing or a car stopping unexpectedly. High speeds also make it more difficult to control the vehicle. The chances of skidding or losing control increase, especially in poor weather conditions.

Increasing accident severity

The severity of an accident increases with speed. Higher speeds result in greater force during a collision. This often leads to more serious injuries or fatalities. For example, a crash at 60 miles per hour will cause much more damage than one at 30 miles per hour. Seat belts and airbags can help. However, they have limits, especially at high speeds.

Following speed limits

Speed limits exist to protect everyone on the road. They consider various factors, such as road conditions, traffic and nearby schools or residential areas. Following speed limits helps reduce the risk of accidents. Ignoring these limits puts the driver and others in danger.

Per NJ Spotlight News, speed contributed to 26% of all New Jersey crash deaths in 2021. Obeying speed limits and adjusting speed to match conditions can prevent many of these tragic accidents. Making smart choices about speed also helps keep everyone safer on the road.