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Power lines and job-related injuries

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

If you work in construction or another field that exposes you to electricity, it is crucial to understand the risks you face and take steps to stay safe. Electrical accidents cause a lot of serious work-related accidents, from improperly using extension cords and equipment to ungrounded electricity. In addition, it is pivotal to look out for buried and overhead power lines.

Sadly, electrical accidents involving power lines account for many deaths and injuries every year.

Coming into contact with power lines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides data on different ways that workers can come into contact with power lines and suffer injuries or lose their lives. For example, some accidents occur because workers contact power lines while using equipment, such as scaffolding, metal ladders, backhoes, paint rollers, and concrete pumpers.

OSHA reminds workers to watch out for overhead and buried lines, stay more than 10 feet away from overhead lines and assume that a power line has energy. While working close to power lines, use a fiberglass or non-conductive wood ladder.

The impact of an accident involving power lines

If you accidentally contact an energized power line, the outcome could lead to serious injuries or death. Aside from electrocution, an accident could cause you to fall from a high place and suffer serious burns. In addition, a job-related accident could lead to time off from work, mental trauma and financial hardships.

If you are struggling with serious consequences because of an accident involving a power line, it is critical to review potential resources that could help you, including workers’ compensation.