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Can teachers get workers’ compensation after an attack?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

Working as an educator may not come to mind as a dangerous job. However, teachers and other instructors face threats from being in public and interacting with students who may have mental and emotional distress.

Statistics show that educators face nearly twice the rate of assaults as all workers, and abuse does not have to be physical. Teachers should know their rights regarding compensation after an attack.

Rights to workers’ comp in New Jersey

All employers must provide workers’ comp insurance in New Jersey. One advantage to this arrangement is it is a no-fault system. Even when workers cause their own injuries, they can receive benefits.

The conditions for receiving compensation are that the injury must occur during a job-related activity. Of course, teaching requires participating in activities that extend outside of the classroom walls. Whenever an educator has an occupational injury, workers’ compensation is usually due except in rare circumstances.

Injuries and compensation after an attack

A teacher may need to break up a fight between students and then sustain injuries. Other times, a teacher is the object of the attack. Regrettably, a physical or verbal attack may come from a fellow educator or staff member.

The odds of such injuries may increase when schools deal with understaffing and lack adequate supervision. Assaults include someone spitting or throwing objects at teachers. An educator could deal with bruises, concussions, broken bones or possible death. Workers’ comp can help cover medical expenses and time off for recovery.

Teachers should be aware that New Jersey compensates workers for mental health injuries on the job. The educator would have to prove the disorder resulted from conditions in the workplace, and violence or bullying at a school can qualify as a reason.