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Professional driving and Workers’ Compensation

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

Driving is a dangerous activity. When you work entire shifts on the road, you risk that much more danger.

In general, the whole road is your place of work — it is where you carry out the duties that further your employer’s business. Workers’ Compensation could protect you if you receive an injury during work. This article will look at some injuries for which a professional driver might collect or pursue benefits. Some might not be intuitive.

Slips and falls

Falling on the job is not exactly the first risk associated with drivers. However, you might encounter slippery garage floors, icy sidewalks or even unexpected potholes off of the driver’s side door when leaving your vehicle.

Criminal acts

A car accident is one thing, but what if it involves a drunk or drugged driver? What if you get an injury during an attempt to steal your work vehicle or its contents? You would most likely be eligible for workers’ compensation for these crime-related injuries.

Chronic injury

You have to make many repetitive motions while driving. There are also many strong stresses, such as road vibration. Like many other types of machinery operation, these conditions might result in injury. Various back or joint conditions might qualify for coverage for drivers.

Exposure injuries

Depending on the type of driving you do, you might have exposure to various toxins. You might have coverage for these injuries.

Workers’ Compensation could provide a relatively low-conflict way for you to obtain basic resources to deal with injuries. However, there could also be other parties at fault above and beyond your employer’s responsibility.