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Places where a car is more likely to hit you as a pedestrian

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Every type of car accident, from minor bumper taps to high-speed intersection crashes, has the potential to cause severe injuries. The most potentially catastrophic accidents, though, are those that involve unprotected pedestrians.

While motorists have the responsibility to be careful and attentive when behind the wheel, you can take steps to protect your own safety by being particularly vigilant when walking in areas where a vehicle is more likely to hit a pedestrian.

Parking lots

Parking lots are dangerous as places where moving vehicles and pedestrians share the same space. Accidents become even more likely when drivers fail to notice a pedestrian who suddenly emerges from between parked vehicles in the lot.


Transportation safety research shows that a significant number of pedestrian deaths actually occur away from intersections, such as on highways where vehicles travel at higher speeds. Many highways lack roadside walking infrastructure, so it is important for pedestrians to be particularly cautious when traveling in these locations and to avoid doing so at night whenever possible.

Residential areas

Residential neighborhoods, particularly those that experience particularly low amounts of traffic, are places where children and even adults often feel safe crossing the street with barely a glance in either direction. Drivers should proceed slowly through these areas, while pedestrians should exercise a suitable level of caution.

Car accidents can cause extreme bodily harm when involving a pedestrian. If you experience such an accident, either as a driver or as a pedestrian, it is important to take appropriate measures toward securing the compensation you deserve.