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How can scaffolds lead to an injury on the job?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Workers Compensation |

During a busy day on a construction site, the idea of climbing a scaffold may not seem dangerous at all.

However, due to the size and height of this structure, there are many ways that you could suffer from a serious spinal cord or head injury.

Rickety platform construction

According to the United States Department of Labor, a competent person should always oversee the building of a scaffold to make sure that it is safe to walk on and use. If a workplace does not complete this necessary step, then workers may suffer when a scaffold collapses.

Weak boards and incomplete frames may not hold the maximum load needed for multiple people to work on a scaffold. Falling from a few feet off the ground can lead to serious head and back injuries.

Unsafe tools and safety measures

When working on a scaffold, you may need to wear a harness or have a fall arrest system in case you trip or slip. If your workplace does not provide you with these items, as well as a hard hat or any other safety gear, it could put you at risk.

Falling items from above may hit you on the head or send you falling over a railing.

Confused or negligent coworkers

Tripping on a hammer or other item left out in a walkway on a scaffold is one source of serious danger. Working with other people who do not follow safety rules or clean up is also part of this problem.

Staying aware of why safety systems and your coworkers matter can help if you suffer from an injury at work.