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Do bedsores indicate neglect?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2022 | Firm News |

Bedsores are a typical injury that may appear among people spending a lot of time in hospitals or nursing home facilities.

Though it has perfectly innocuous origins in some cases, in others, it may potentially indicate that the staff is being neglectful toward patients or residents.

How to avoid bedsores

Mayo Clinic states that bedsores are a result of a lack of movement in many cases. They occur as a form of pressure ulcer when part of the body is immobilized for a long period of time, usually several hours or more.

As a way to deter bedsores from occuring, nursing staff will usually come in and help patients who cannot move on their own shift from one position to another. They also help residents get in or out of bed, and in or out of wheelchairs.

Sometimes, pressure ulcers may form even with the utmost of attention. This is down to the patient’s body and how it reacts to pressure over a period of time.

Neglect and a rise in bedsore risk

However, in other cases, pressure ulcers form because a person was not moved in time to avoid them. This could mean that the nursing staff is not giving its full attention to its residents, and is not visiting each resident’s room as often as possible to turn them when needed.

This could be one of several red flags indicating neglect among the nursing staff. The loved ones of potential victims of neglect should consider their next moves if they notice signs that might indicate problems like bedsores.