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Can I get workers’ comp to cover long-term medical expenses?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Workers Compensation |

In New Jersey you can use the workers’ compensation process to cover your long-term medical expenses, even if you’re already receiving benefits from your employer or its contracted insurer.

There are at least three specific factors that you should be aware of, relating to your workers’ compensation claim.

Your employer decides if you are eligible

Under New Jersey law, every employer must have a workers’ compensation insurance policy in place to cover their workers. Their corporate WC insurance carrier will review your claim and make a determination. According to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, you can appeal their decision by filing a claim if you have reason to believe their decision was incorrect.

Your employer pays for your treatment

The same type of laws require your employer or their WC insurance carrier to pay for any necessary and reasonable medical treatment. They also pay your lost wages. Make sure that you document everything fastidiously so that you get a favorable determination and begin collecting compensation as quickly as possible.

Eligibility time frames vary

For receiving temporary disability benefits, once you are out of work for seven days, you are eligible for workers’ compensation payment. The WLD or WC insurance carrier will calculate your benefits retroactively to the first date that you missed work, and those seven days do not need to be consecutive. For receiving medical benefits, there is no seven-day waiting period. The law entitles you to simultaneously receive lost wages and have your medical bills paid.