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What are some causes of parking lot injuries?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Injuries in a parking lot can be dangerous. Falling on the hard surface of a lot pavement can cause disability or even death, particularly among older people. Some injuries occur because a lot owner did not take proper measures to deal with hazards in a parking lot before they resulted in a serious accident.

The National Safety Council explains some dangers that could cause someone to fall or otherwise suffer an injury in a parking lot.

Pavement damage

When cracks and potholes emerge in a parking lot, fall risks increase. These risks could become even more dangerous because of bad weather. Potholes can accumulate rainwater, which may make them look like shallow puddles. As a result, pedestrians might not know to avoid them before stumbling and falling.

Pavement debris

Lots should also be clear of debris. Sometimes pavement damage can kick up and scatter concrete. Storms may blow over tree limbs or knock down light poles. Lot owners who do not clear their lots may expose pedestrians to dangerous clutter that can cause accidents.

Inadequate lighting

Parking lots at night need lights to help drivers and pedestrians see where they are going. Seniors in particular require strong light to compensate for diminishing eyesight. Dim lights or burnouts can cause a person to stumble and fall in the dark. Worse, drivers might not see a pedestrian before it is too late to avoid a collision.

Lack of pavement markers

Clearly painted stripes in parking lots help motorists know where to park and assist pedestrians in navigating the lot. Lots with worn out or absent striping can lead to confusion, with pedestrians wandering into hazardous locations and suffering injury if they encounter moving vehicles. Signs should also be available to offer guidance.

It is possible other circumstances may lead to serious injury in a parking lot. Knowing the responsibilities of lot owners could help you understand if a lot owner’s negligence resulted in your pain and suffering.