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How does drowsiness lead to crash increases?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Many different behaviors and choices on the road can lead to a potential increase in crashes. Some behaviors have more consistent ties to crashes than others.

This includes drowsiness. Regardless of who drives drowsy, the chance of getting into a crash will always increase the more tired a driver feels.

Major risks of drowsy driving

The CDC discusses drowsy driving and crash statistics related to it. Drowsy driving occurs when a driver gets behind the wheel while sleep deprived or tired.

A major risk of drowsy driving involves the willingness of drivers to engage in it. Many do not see it as an actual threat, especially because they or their loved ones often drive drowsy without incident. They may also believe in wakefulness tips meant to keep tired people alert behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, wakefulness tips do not work out in the long term. Additionally, it only takes one drowsy driving incident to end in a crash that ruins lives.

Losing consciousness on the road

The main reason drowsy driving creates such a risk for drivers is that it can completely eliminate a driver’s ability to notice or react to anything on the road. Even micro-sleeping, which only lasts for one to three seconds at a time, can take a driver’s attention away long enough to cause a catastrophic crash.

Many of the deadliest crashes happen due to drowsy driving, especially when cars veer off the road or into oncoming traffic. These deadly dangers are why it is important for every driver to understand exactly what they put on the line any time they get behind the wheel without enough sleep.