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How can distractions harm truck drivers?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Sharing a highway or other road with larger vehicles can feel intimidating sometimes. This is especially true when a truck invades your lane space or swerves wildly around you.

In many cases, distractions are the cause of this reckless driving. Learning more about what distractions are most common can help you if you struggle after a truck accident.

Communication with other people

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, trying to talk to people in the vehicle or using the dispatching device inside most trucks can lead to a trucker losing concentration on the road.

When someone is thinking about another subject or focused on talking, they may not look at the traffic around them. This can also include using phones to discuss routes or other jobs that the trucker may have.

Billboards and signs

While not as obvious at first, large billboards or brightly lit signs can make a driver look away from the road in front of them. This can potentially lead to more danger for smaller cars or motorcycles since they are less visible if the trucker does not check their mirrors regularly.

Pictures on phones or maps

Printed maps, as well as phone screens, can draw a person’s eyes away from vehicles turning or stopping. Since trucks are larger and heavier, they take longer to come to a full stop. The time between a trucker noticing a car braking and when they decide to brake is crucial when trying to prevent accidents.

Since screens and discussions can draw a trucker’s eyes and ears away from oncoming traffic, unexpected truck accidents can happen at any time.