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Why should you see a doctor after a minor car collision?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Uncategorized |

So-called fender-benders happen daily in the state of New Jersey. Rear-end collisions are especially prevalent.

If you should become a victim of a minor car collision and appear uninjured, why is it necessary to seek medical attention?

Impact issues

The human body is not designed to absorb the sudden, violent impact of a vehicle collision without some kind of reaction. Even a low-speed, rear-end crash can cause severe injuries. If you are the victim of such a collision, you may feel OK afterward with the exception of some jangled nerves. However, at the time of the crash, your body will release adrenalin capable of masking pain and injury symptoms temporarily.

Proactive treatment

Signs of an injury may not appear for hours or even days after a vehicle collision. Prompt medical attention is essential in the event of any underlying injuries. A doctor can determine whether there is any concern. If there is an injury, early treatment can help you avoid future complications.

Medical records

Injuries resulting from a minor crash such as a rear-end collision can be relatively insignificant or as serious as spinal cord or brain damage. As the injured victim of a vehicle collision, you have a right to expect compensation to cover your medical costs, any lost wages and more. An advocate can work with the insurance company on your behalf. Medical records that explain your diagnosis and treatment and that tie your injury directly to the vehicle crash will be essential additions to the claim you submit. Remember that insurance companies always protect their bottom line, but you should receive maximum compensation for any injury you incurred.