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Situations where a business owner is not liable for a slip and fall

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Should you get hurt at a place of business, it makes sense to want to hold the owner accountable. Were it not for conditions out of your control, you would have no pain or medical bills.

Litigation may be reasonable. Other times, it is impossible to find the businessperson in question guilty. Here are a few scenarios where filing a lawsuit is off the table.

Lack of negligence

Accidents happen. Simply because you tripped does not mean someone owes you. There must be certain conditions that precipitated the stumble. For example, slippery floors can trigger a mishap, and warning signs must be present. An argument is possible when foreseeing the risk is impossible. You cannot sue a property owner who is actively providing notification of peril.

Action toward fixes

Storeowners taking steps to reduce the threat on their premises bear no liability. In some cases, the vulnerability has been unknown until recently. Service professionals could still be en route. Someone might be preparing to cordon off a danger zone. Enterprises need time to take action before they are culpable.

Absence of damages

Simply enduring a moment of fear is not enough. For compensation to be justifiable, you must have an injury. Presenting hospital bills to a judge could be adequate. For this reason, save every document during the treatment of your wounds. Also, take pictures of your injury.

It is reasonable to contemplate suing over a slip and fall. Whether the law allows holding a business owner responsible is another matter. Investigate the circumstances surrounding your mishap before suing someone.