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Is there limited time to file for workers’ compensation?

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Receiving compensation for your medical bills may be a major concern of yours after sustaining an injury at your workplace. Though many New Jersey employees may be able to file for workers’ compensation, it is important to remember that workers do not have an infinite amount of time to file a claim.

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development explains that there is a time limit on when a worker can file a workers’ comp claim. These time limits may vary depending on the cause of your current health condition.

Workplace injury cases

When it comes to injuries you suffer on the job, state law gives workers two years to file a claim. You must file your petition no later than two years from the date when you got hurt or the date of your last compensation payment. State law requires you to choose the later of the two dates as the starting point for your time limit.

Occupational illnesses

Your inability to work is probably due to an occupational illness such as lead poisoning or suffering a loss of senses like your hearing or your sight. In the case of an occupational illness, you may not know exactly when you started suffering health problems, so you might wonder how the state time limit applies in your situation.

For an occupational illness, New Jersey law requires that you file your petition no more than two years after the date when you first learned of your condition and how it impacts your employment. Keep in mind that filing for an informal hearing is not enough to halt the two-year time limit. Prepare your petition as soon as you can so that the state’s statute of limitations does not become an issue.