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How can employers prevent falling injuries?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Uncategorized |

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), fatal falls pose a serious risk to those working in the construction industry. Of the 1,008 construction fatalities taking place in 2018, 320 involved falls.

In order to prevent these incidents, employers must take the proper steps to keep their staff safe and secure when working high up. Here are a few actions to take to do just that.

Have a plan in place before work begins

A plan prevents confusion while working from great heights. For example, every team member involved in the project should have a clear understanding of their role and duties before work begins. Employers must also carefully consider what type of safety equipment is necessary and take the proper steps to secure it. This requires an extensive understanding of the worksite and any potential hazards that might exist there.

Make sure workers have the proper equipment

Safety gear, such as harnesses, is essential for staff working at elevations of six feet or higher. Harnesses must attach to anchoring systems, which will catch a worker in the event of a fall. When it comes to the use of ladders and scaffolding, employers must provide the appropriate equipment for the task at hand. That means equipment suits the specific height and has functional safety features as required.

Train workers in safety practices

Training is a crucial aspect of a safe and secure worksite, and it is up to employers to conduct comprehensive training. This includes extensive training in how to set up equipment that allows workers to reach elevated locations. Additionally, staff must also understand how to identify potential issues that could pose safety risks. Identification of common worksite hazards allows construction workers to take the proper actions to eliminate the risk.

While staff must also take the proper measures, employer actions can go a long way to creating a safe work environment. By setting a good example, there is a greater chance that staff will also take worksite safety seriously.