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How can skull fractures impact your health?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Firm News |

Car crashes often result in unexpected health complications and injuries with lengthy healing periods. Some of these injuries can also impact your health in the short and long term. This includes skull fractures, which often result from hard hits to the head.

But how do skull fractures impact your overall health? If you face the possibility of a fractured skull, what should you have the most concern for?

Skull fractures and your brain

Merck Manual discusses the potential impact skull fractures can have on your overall health. First, skull fractures put the tissue health of your brain at immediate risk. This is due to the fact that soft brain tissue will always fail to match the hard bone of the skull.

In a skull fracture, it is possible for jagged edges of the fracture to harm the soft tissue of the brain. Bits of bone may also dislodge from the blow, causing cuts or even lodging in the brain and causing further neurological damage.

Signs of neurological distress

Potential signs that indicate neurological damage often appear immediately and have a strong level of severity associated with them. Examples include continuous vomiting, the inability to recognize or identify one’s surroundings, and seizures.

If left untreated or not treated in a prompt manner, these issues can persist and worsen. On top of that, concussive damage to the brain may cause swelling, which results in the brain pressing against the interior of the skull. Jagged edges can cut into it, and hard pressure may cut off blood circulation to certain areas, causing cell death. This can result in permanent brain damage.

Because of these long-term risks, anyone showing signs of head injury after a crash should get immediate medical attention to determine if anything is wrong and what needs to happen next.