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What are common signs of road rage?

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Firm News |

Even though Drivers’ Ed teaches us to drive defensively, not everybody absorbs this lesson. There are thousands of aggressive American drivers out on the roadways every day. In fact, one survey found that almost 80% of drivers experienced extreme anger or aggression while driving over the course of the prior year.

Road rage is very common. According to Geico Insurance, keeping yourself safe from road rage involves recognizing the common signs and working to defuse or escape the situation.

What are common signs of road rage?

Excessive honking is a sure sign of road rage. If a driver honks for more than a couple of seconds, it is likely that he or she is experiencing rage. Angry drivers may also make threatening gestures at other motorists and might even try to cut other vehicles off on purpose.

Tailgating is also a very common symptom of road rage. In certain extreme circumstances, enraged drivers may try to exit their vehicle to confront other motorists. They may even try to hit other cars on purpose.

How can I keep myself safe?

Never exit your vehicle when you are dealing with an enraged driver. Instead, do the best you can to distance yourself from the angry driver. This may involve slowing down, or even turning off the road or exiting the highway.

If the driver is so enraged that he or she decides to follow you, do not stop the car. Instead, drive to the nearest police station and park in the parking lot. Do not reciprocate the driver’s anger with anger on your own part.