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Should you seek medical attention after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Firm News |

The shock of getting in a car accident in New Jersey may leave you feeling disoriented. While shock may leave you feeling uninjured, neglecting to treat even minor injuries could have long-lasting consequences.  

Whether you are in a minor accident or a major crash, seeking medical attention at the scene can protect you from ongoing discomfort and pain.  

Delayed pain

Perhaps the most obvious reason to seek medical attention is that not all injuries cause pain right away. You may have sustained a concussion, whiplash or internal bleeding and be completely unaware of the extent of your injuries. According to Allstate, if you experience severe injuries including spinal cord injuries or broken bones, ask someone to call 911 and try not to move until medical personnel can help you.  

In the weeks or months following your accident, you may begin to experience PTSD. Having had a medical evaluation at the scene of the accident will provide proof of your crash so you can continue to seek ongoing help from medical professionals.  

Legal reassurance

An often-unseen benefit of getting medical attention following your car accident is to have documentation of what happened. If you choose to file a lawsuit, having a record of the incident and the witness of medical professionals at the scene can provide instrumental support for your case.  

Additionally, if you allow too much time to pass between your accident and getting help for any injuries you sustained, things can become more complicated. Taking a proactive approach to having your injuries treated can show your seriousness in correcting the situation and moving on.