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Who is responsible for bus stop ice and snow?

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2021 | Firm News |

During winter the bus stops in New Jersey can get rather messy. Not only does snow pile up and create a slushy mess but also there is the risk of ice.

According to, there is some issue about who holds the responsibility for keeping the bus stops clear of snow and ice and safe for commuters.

The responsibility

The New Jersey Transit is the agency that puts up bus stops. However, it states that it does not hold the responsibility to maintain these stops, including the removal of snow and ice. That leaves it up to the town to handle maintenance.

If the town is not aware of this arrangement, though, it equals a dangerous bus stop for you and other commuters. Towns may leave the ice untreated and let snow build up so much that you cannot safely use the stop.

There are also situations where the towns say they are not responsible.

The location

Some municipalities say they do not hold the responsibility for snow and ice removal at bus stops that are not located on city roads. They push the responsibility to whoever maintains the road. For example, the stop of Route 4 is the responsibility of the state, according to city officials.

The problem here is that the state does not take responsibility. It says the cities hold the responsibility, citing the NJ Transit statement and the contract cities agree to when they get a bus stop that says they will be responsible for maintenance. For you, that means arguing to get your bus stop clear so that it is safe.