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How can brain injuries affect your personality?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2020 | Firm News |

You may face big changes after a crash. While you can anticipate some of them, others may take you by surprise. For example, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can alter your memory. It may even change your personality. 

But how stark are the changes? Why do they happen? More importantly, can you undo the damage done? 

Why does brain damage impact personality?

Mayo Clinic looks at traumatic brain injuries and their impact on your life. For many victims, the impact encompasses personality changes. Different areas of the brain influence different parts of your personality. For example, the frontal lobe controls inhibitions. If damaged, you may seem flighty, indecisive, impulsive and rash to your loved ones. 

It can also impact your temper. Many TBI sufferers find themselves unable to control their anger, which may tie to inhibition control. Temper flares suddenly and ebbs without warning. Mood swings seem common with TBI victims in general. But anger outbursts stand out because you are likely directing the emotion outward instead of inward. This may cause conflict between you and your loved ones. 

How do you heal from this?

Over time, your personality may begin to level out on its own. For some TBI sufferers, the impact lasts years or even a lifetime. You can help increase your chances of experiencing a smooth and quick healing process by following doctor’s orders. Yours may suggest certain types of therapy or medication. 

Unfortunately, the expense of recovery can grow over time. This is why people in your shoes often seek financial compensation for the crash. It allows you to shift your worries from finances to recovery.