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Fatal collision results in Newark man’s arrest

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Firm News |

The sudden loss of one’s life in a car accident in Jersey City is a tragedy, compounded even more so by the loss felt by those they leave behind. Yet the families of accident victims may often be willing to view such incidents with understanding given that they are often just that: accidents.

Yet the unintentional nature of a car collision may not dismiss the negligent actions of the driver that caused it. If and when accident victims require compensation, it is that very negligence which may merit a civil liability claim.

Young mother killed in crash on Staten Island

One wonders if such will be one of the outcomes of a devastating collision recently caused by a Newark man. According to reports by the local NBC affiliate, a young mother died and the passenger in her vehicle sustained serious injuries after a collision with a vehicle running a red light on Staten Island. The driver of the vehicle that hit them subsequently fled the scene on foot. Later reports detailed that the driver stole the vehicle involved in the collision was in the process of evading law enforcement when the accident occurred. He now faces several criminal charges ranging from murder to leaving the scene of an accident.

Pursuing a civil claim concurrently with a criminal trial

Many may believe that in a case such as this (where a potential civil defendant faces criminal charges due to the actions in question), one must wait until criminal proceedings play out before they can pursue action. Yet that is not the case. Indeed, civil and criminal proceedings often occur simultaneously. An experienced attorney may be a strong source of this and other pertinent information.