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How can I avoid accidents due to sun glare?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Firm News |

It is something that can happen to any driver, and it is unavoidable at certain times of the day. It is sun blindness. You probably have had it happen to you as you were driving east during sunrise hours or west during sunset hours.

Sun blindness occurs because the sun is in a position where it shines directly into your field of vision as you try to see the roadway in front of you. You cannot fix the situation because you need to drive in that direction, and you have no control over the sun. I Drive Safely explains that the best way to combat this issue is to take some proactive steps to help temper the sun’s glare.

Use tools

You should wear sunglasses, which can help reduce glare. If possible, you also need to position your car’s visor so that it can help block out the glare or at least partially block it without also getting in the way of your field of vision. This can be tough, but even blocking part of the rays can make a difference.

Reduce reflections

Often clutter on your dashboard can make the sun’s glare worse. Keep it free of anything, especially papers as the white will reflect the sun exceptionally well.

If your windshield is dirty, this, too, can create reflections and hinder your sight. Make sure it is clean inside and out. You want it free of streaks and debris that could scatter light and add to the uncomfortableness.

Drive cautiously

If you know that you cannot see as well as you should, take the proper steps to avoid accidents. This means increasing your following distance so that you can pay proper attention to vehicles in front of you since you may not be able to tell when their brake lights come on.

You also want to use your own headlights to make yourself more visible. The glaring sun can bounce off your vehicle and make you harder to see by other vehicles.