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In what ways do brain injuries affect your life?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Firm News |

New Jersey drivers who get into crashes often suffer from injury. Brain injuries are common. Among them, traumatic brain injuries are the most harmful. These injuries have severe impacts on a victim’s life.

Today we will look at the way TBIs affect the recovery process of a victim. We will look at how their path to recovery may look. We will also examine the unique struggles they may face on it.

The cognitive struggles of a brain injury victim

Mayo Clinic looks at the ways TBIs affect the lives of victims. They point out that brain injuries affect every aspect of a person. This includes their cognitive abilities, their emotional stability and their physical form.

For cognition, victims may suffer from memory problems or loss. Many sufferers experience short term memory damage. This means they cannot recall recent events. This makes daily life hard for them. They may forget a shopping list or their plans for the day. Some experience long term memory loss as well. This is what people think of when the word “amnesia” comes to mind. These victims may struggle to recall loved ones or events in the distant past.

How TBIs affect emotional and physical stability

Emotional stability changes from victim to victim. But most suffer some degree of emotional issue due to the nature of TBIs. They have to deal with the pressure of their life changing. Sometimes, these are permanent changes. The adjustment takes a toll. Victims may suffer from depression or anxiety. Some develop post traumatic stress disorder.

Finally, victims suffer on a physical level. Many develop migraines or other chronic headaches. Sometimes damaged nerves lead to pain in other parts of the body. Sensory damage is common as well. This means your five senses do not work as they should. This can range from blindness to having difficulty differentiating temperatures. On a whole, it makes recovery difficult for these victims.