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What are some signs of nursing home abuse?

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Firm News |

Nursing home abuse, unfortunately, is all too common. It happens in various facilities, even those that may seem on the surface to be safe and caring places. The only real way to uncover abuse is to pay attention to signs and signals your loved one may give you. 

Care Pathways explains that sometimes the signs of abuse mimic the signs of illnesses typical is older adults, such as dementia. However, if you see multiple signs and notice real major changes once your loved one moves into a nursing home, then that is a good indicator that something is wrong. You need to them take steps to get him or her out of that situation. 

Some of the common signs include malnourishment and dehydration, which may result from staff not properly feeding your loved one or giving fluids on a regular basis. Unexplained injuries are another major sign. Any injury should include a notification to you and explanation of what happened. 

If you notice that once your loved one moves into a nursing home that he or she has decreased mobility or develops issues with incontinence, then you need to check into what is happening. These may be signs that your loved one is not getting proper care. Issues with confusion that seem to increase or other changes in his or her personality may be a sign. 

Finally, poor hygiene is something to watch for. This is an indicator that nobody is helping him or her with daily care. 

Most often, staff should communicate with you concerns about changes in your loved one. It is when the staff hides things from you or does not tell you about things that there is a good reason to suspect abuse.