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Are you aware of common flight attendant work injuries?

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As a flight attendant based in New Jersey, you may not realize just how much stress you put your body through with every flight. That ache you feel in your shoulders could go away soon, or you may find it worsens the more you work.

Discover Health & Wellness breaks down the injuries flight attendants commonly experience. Find out whether you could have a workers’ compensation claim on your hands for aches and pains that do not go away.

Common movements that can lead to injury

You perform specific and repetitive motions, ones that have the potential to result in injury. For instance, holding, lifting, pushing, reaching and adjusting may all put a strain on your muscles, ligaments and tendons, which can lead to injury. Besides outright injury, there is also a chance that your field of work can lead to illness, such as those triggered by shifts in atmospheric pressure.

Typical injuries

Nearly every occupation has certain injuries that are more prevalent than others. For flight attendants, those injuries are sprains and strains from handling barrels, boxes and the like. It is also not uncommon for others in your occupation to sustain contusions and bruises. Most of these injuries impact the trunk, head and neck.

The dangers of turbulence

In addition to the above risks and injuries, you also have to factor in the impact that turbulence has on your body, a force uncommon in other occupations. When it comes to turbulence, while passengers sit down and buckle in when turbulence hits, flight attendants remain standing. All that shaking can lead to an injury if you are not careful.

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