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What do you know about workplace violence?

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In New Jersey, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in most cases if you suffer an injury on the job, and that includes an injury due to workplace violence. Many people associate workplace violence with careers in law enforcement, but in fact, a worker in any occupation could become a victim of violence, and thousands do every year.

According to the National Safety Council, 18,400 workers suffered injuries from violence in the workplace in 2017, and 458 people were killed. Health care workers, service providers and people who work in education are particularly at risk. A taxi driver is 20 times more likely than other workers to suffer a fatal injury from violence.

There are four basic categories of workplace violence:

  • Customer or client violence
  • Co-worker violence
  • Criminal intent such as robbery
  • Personal relationship violence

You are more likely to be a victim of personal relationship violence on the job if you are a woman.

Because workplace violence can happen anywhere, every employer should have a plan in place for dealing with it. This includes creating company policies and procedures on workplace violence and developing an emergency action plan. This plan may include the Department of Homeland Security’s advice to evacuate the area if possible, hide if there is no escape and fight only as a last resort. Employers should conduct training exercises that include law enforcement so that you have opportunities to practice the appropriate responses in a variety of situations.

This information is general in nature and is provided for educational purposes only. It should not be interpreted as legal advice.