Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A.: Jersey City, New Jersey, Law Firm

While plenty of area law firms handle personal injury and workers' compensation cases, at Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A., we put our more than 100 years of combined experience to work representing clients with dedication and strength. No matter the circumstances, we will custom tailor our methods to develop a winning strategy that sets you on the path to recovery.

Representation For Individuals, Families And Workers Throughout New Jersey

As a Jersey City personal injury and worker's compensation law firm, our clients include more than New Jersey residents. Many of our clients come to us from New York and other states after suffering injuries in an accident in New Jersey. With local knowledge and a proven reputation, we offer clients the added benefit of local knowledge and our years of building professional relationships throughout the region.

In addition to personal injury and workers' compensation cases, we handle various residential real estate matters involving home closings, title searches and foreclosures. With our attorneys overseeing your closing, you can feel confident knowing you and your investment are well protected.

Whether you have been injured in an accident, have a loved one who has suffered abuse while in a nursing home or retirement facility or are an attorney looking for an experienced New Jersey personal injury law firm to represent a client, placing a call to our offices is your best legal option. As trial lawyers, we stand up for your rights during litigation.

When it seems that there is nowhere else to turn after you have been injured, we will be there ready to fight for you.

We Know How To Handle The Insurance Companies

Most people have seen the commercials of large insurance companies claiming to be your friend and neighbor. While they say they have your interests at heart, the fact is that insurance companies are businesses that are out to make money; not give it out.

As attorneys focused on personal injury and workers' comp cases, we know how to bring the fight to the insurance companies while protecting our clients from the tactics insurers use to get a quick settlement.

When you call our office, you won't have to waste time explaining your case to a paralegal. Our attorneys are available to talk, listen to your questions and concerns, and put our resources to work for you.

Offering one-on-one Spanish-language services, we are proud to offer clients a comfortable and safe environment to share their stories and get to know our attorneys. Call us by dialing 201-653-0405 or by completing our online contact form.